Time travelling through plagues and viruses

Oct 27, 2022

What does the Visual Time Traveller have to say about plagues and viruses?  Quite a lot — they feature on at least 13 pages:

  • 1510 The first known influenza pandemic originates in Asia.
  • 1546 Girolamo Fracastoro proposes that epidemic diseases are caused by transferable tiny particles or ‘spores’ that can transmit infection by direct or indirect contact.
  • 1629 German and French troops carry the bubonic plague across the Alps into Italy.
  • 1665 Margaret Porteous is the first person on record to die in the Great Plague of London.
  • 1666 Isaac Newton develops his (a version of calculus) during the Great Plague of London.
  • 1720 The Great Plague of Marseille is the last major outbreak of bubonic plague in Europe.
  • 1796 Edward Jenner discovers that immunity to smallpox can be produced by inoculation with material from the cowpox virus, a process that will become known as vaccination.
  • 1870 Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch establish the germ theory of disease.
  • 1894  Alexandre Yersin isolates the bacterium that caused the third pandemic of the bubonic plague.
  • 1909 Lansteiner, Levaditi and Popper discover the polio virus.
  • 1974 The first transgenic mammal is created by integrating DNA from the SV40 virus into the genome of mice.
  • 1999 E-mail systems across the world become congested due to propagation of the Melissa virus.
  • 1982 Elk Cloner is one of the first known microcomputer viruses to spread ‘in the wild’ via floppy disc.​

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